IT Vulnerability Audit and Management

Undetected IT vulnerabilities facilitate electronic espionage, financial transactions fraud, compromised document and database storage systems, infected software applications, irreversible data leaks or losses.

We help organizations detect and neutralize IT vulnerabilities at the operating system level.

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A quick introduction to vulnerabilities

Find out about how vulnerabilities appear and how they can affect your business.

The Internet as a public network

The Internet is the most used transmission medium to access information, online applications, e-commerce, document sharing, and communication via text message, audio and video. Being a public network, the Internet is an unsafe communication medium, vulnerable to ever expanding and diversified computer threats.

Mistakes can be costly

Computer vulnerabilities are the result of incorrectly configuring the architecture of computer systems or security systems, as well as a result of errors or omissions in programming the software applications, or in the specific methods of operating the hardware and software resources.

Man versus machine

Computer vulnerabilities are most often exploited by software robots programmed to test from the Internet predefined templates of known vulnerabilities, specific to various operating systems or applications.

Exploits cover a wide range

Exploiting computer vulnerabilities facilitates: electronic espionage, financial transactions fraud, penetrating the document and database storage systems, infecting or manipulating software applications, using the victim systems for launching chained computer attacks, unsolicited messages (spam), irreversible data leaks or losses.

Protect your business with FortiScan

The FortiScan solution for identifying and fixing vulnerabilities assesses the audited computer systems continuously or on a schedule basis, by scanning them from the internal network or from the Internet, in order to determine and fix the potential security breaches. The solution’s applicability is guaranteed up to the highest application level within the audited systems, ensuring that they comply with the most strict international security standards.

Gartner Quadrant Report

Gartner's 2013 Quadrant Report identifies the technology developed by Fortinet as the number one choice of computer security experts. The Gartner Quadrant Report, which performed a comparative analysis of the unified security solution provided by Fortinet versus the solutions offered by the most significant competitors, ranging them from challengers to leaders and from niche players to visionaries, is publicly accessible at this address. analyst_reports/gartner-mq-utm-2013.html

Our solution makes use of technologies and physical equipment from Fortinet

Fortinet is world leader in computer security, as identified by IDC and Gartner, with yearly re-confirmation starting with 2007.

FortiScan 1000B

FortiScan-1000B with 4 Gigabit ports, 2 x 1TB HDD


FortiScan 1000C

FortiScan-1000C manages up to 2000 network assets, 4 Gigabit ports, 2TB HDD


FortiScan 3000C

FortiScan-3000C manages up to 20000 network assets, 4 Gigabit ports, up to 6TB HDD


The technology developed by Fortinet is the number one choice of computer security experts.— Gartner Quadrant Report, 2013

Key solution features and benefits

Close IT compliance gaps. Implement continuous monitoring. Endpoint vulnerability management.
Industry & federal compliance. Patch management. Auditing & reporting

Scan engines

• Network discovery, asset prioritization and profile-based scanning
• Innovative, non-intrusive scan engine with extensive network throttling capabilities
• Complete asset inventory with accurate OS detection
• Both agent-less and agent based scanning are available from the same product

Compliance management

• Identifies security vulnerabilities and finds compliance exposures on hosts, servers and throughout the network.
• Industry, regulatory and best practices, including templates for ISO 17799, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, NIST, SCAP, and FISMA.
• All security content complies with the OVAL 5.6 standard
• Performs IS compliance audits
• Common Vulnerability Enumeration (CVE) Search

Remediation/Patch management

• Delivers patch management with ready-to-deploy remediation and enforcement actions
• Allows network managers to change configurations and mitigate weak settings.
• Audits and remediates across heterogeneous systems for IS compliance
• Extensive libraries of templates that enable IT staff to leverage industry best practices to produce measurable results.

Flexible deployment

• Runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, server 2003 and 2008, RedHat 9, 3, 4, 5, CentOS 5, Solaris Sparc 9, 10.
• Agent-based or network-based (agent-less) scan
• Role-based security delegation

Standards based

• Supports the latest SCAP version
• Comes with a comprehensive set of Compliance Benchmarks, Vulnerability database, Remediation templates and Patch policies.


• Automated, list of pre-defined reports include: Executive Security Posture Report, LOB Manager Security Posture Report, Sys admin Security Posture Report, Vulnerability Assessment etc.
• Reports can be executed real-time, scheduled, or sent over email
• 360-degree Reporting , Analysis and Views
• Trending reports, showing a host’s remediation history, or how hosts vulnerability changes over time


• Easy integration via SNMP, SMTP, Repository Database
• Compliant with OVAL, XCCDF, CPE, CCE, CVE, CVSS

Product / Integration

• Secure access to the Repository Schema
• SNMP support
• Support for file (results) uploads via FTP, SFTP, and SCP
• E-mail Alerts
• Integrate with FortiGuard IPS services


• Backed by an unrivalled vulnerability research team
• Identifies known, published zero-day and unknown vulnerabilities
• Automated updates for latest vulnerability checks and information

FortiScan offers a corporation-level solution which integrates

the management of active systems vulnerabilities, patches and upgrade process management,
as well as advanced systems for auditing and reporting, all in one unified platform.

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FortiScan Marketing

FortiScan Technical

With our solution, your business has only one monthly operational cost and zero costs for purchasing expensive software, hardware, licences, maintenance or solution administration.

Pricing and plans

The FortiScan solution for identifying and fixing computer vulnerabilities is offered as a monthly subscription, taking into account the number of systems being audited and the frequency of the scanning and reporting processes.


49 / mo.
  • 1 / monthFrequency of scanning
  • 1 / monthFrequency of reporting
  • Role reporting
  • Vulnerability audit
    without resident agent
  • Vulnerability audit
    with resident agent
  • -


99 / mo.
  • 1 / weekFrequency of scanning
  • 1 / weekFrequency of reporting
  • Role reporting
  • Vulnerability audit
    without resident agent
  • Vulnerability audit
    with resident agent
  • -


  329   199 / mo.
  • 1 / dayFrequency of scanning
  • 1 / dayFrequency of reporting
  • Role reporting
  • Vulnerability audit
    without resident agent
  • Vulnerability audit
    with resident agent
  • -


  529   329 / mo.
  • 24/7Continuous scanning
  • 24/7Continuous reporting
  • Role reporting
  • Vulnerability audit
    without resident agent
  • Vulnerability audit
    with resident agent
  • -


On request
  • Customizable
  • Customizable
  • Role reporting
  • Vulnerability audit
    without resident agent
  • Vulnerability audit
    with resident agent
  • Active system integrated management
  • Patch management
  • Automatic updates management

The package FortiScan Enterprise offers a private domain for companies with a large number of computer systems being audited, with access to all features of the platform and the possibility of self administration.

The FortiScan solution is available exclusively through partners.

Our coverage area is Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

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